The Integrated Performance Management System (IPMS) is a web based real time Project Implementation and Performance Management System. The system produces a number of reports that assist Government and its related state entities  by providing the Prime Minister, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and any other authorized Government official with reports on the efficiency of Cabinet and status of all Government projects thus providing valuable assistance to the management functions of Government.

The system rely on both input and outcome based indicators and each project must contain clearly defined beneficiary. In this way, matching of projects with population needs are ensured.



  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness through a single repository of data from Ministries, State Boards and Regional Corporations on Government projects and policies to inform analytical reports and support for policy development and implementation.

  • Transparency and accountability of Government Projects to the citizens.

  • Outcome and evidence based on policy making as a result of identified indicators.

  • Ability to track and view project history across financial years.

  • Comparative analysis across financial years for better predictions of trends for defining policies.

  • Scalable model to support many more data sources and external data sources.

  • Implementation to complete project management practice (milestones, key performance areas, key performance indicators).

  • Improved strategy execution by communicating key metrics and targets.

  • Meaningful budgets and forecasts through the use of operational data.

  • Aligned and accepted business goals by translating them into specific and meaningful metrics.

  • Increased speed of delivering information.

  • Improved decision making.