Our History

Who We Are?

SIE was established in 2005 with a vision of expanding its horizons across verticals and is now present in 3 continents across the globe. Today, SIE is a team of more than 200 people with global presence in South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago and India. SIE operates under various sectors & delivers Business and Technology Solutions. We are an Intellectual Capital firm that specializes in Management Consulting, New Business Ideas, Project Implementations, Services & Outsourcing.For the world, we are a set of globally experienced and respected breed of professionals with educational degrees from some of the most well respected institutions, supplemented by several years of super-normal performance at our workplaces. For our clients, we are the people they call in when they want something done right.

Our team is drawn from some of the best educational institutes in the country (IIT, IIM, NITs) and are alumni of highly reputed organizations such as ICICI Bank, FedEx, The Monitor Group, KPMG, American Express, Bennett Coleman & Co, Sybase, TCS, HDFC Bank & Teach India to name a few.

Our Team

We are pioneer in global delivery model. We help clients to achieve their goals by standing with them to identify their business problems & working together to resolve them. Our engagement starts from new business ideas to consulting ,business setup  solutions , project layout plans, implementation and support.



We bring in knowledge pool for Management Consultancy, New Business Idea, Project Implementation, Services, and Outsourcing. We also serve clients with standard and customized IT solutions. Our deliverables are tangible and clearly measurable.


How we do it

Our business & project plans are straight forward with the intention to establish a guideline rather than exhibit our proficiency with Excel Sheets or Power Points. It should be our endeavor to ensure all our planning is practical and takes up no longer than what is needed to cover all key aspects.